This game is based on research showing how molecular changes can cause shifts in expression of key traits that facilitate population persistence under different thermal environments in native bumble bee populations.1 This game is geared towards high schoolers/ public to engage with and learn more about how environment influences organismal success. Thank you to the 3D Viz Center at UWYO, Michael Dillon, and Jeff Lozier for assisting in game creation. This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation (EF-1921562).

1Pimsler, Meaghan L., et al. Scientific reports 10.1, e1-11 (2020)

The Jr. Scientist activity notebook is meant for elementary aged kids and is free for you to use and download. The purpose of this program is to encourage children to learn, change their way of thinking, and get them excited about science. It includes sections on insects and plants. Some activities require extra supplies you may not have but you may contact skye.carpenter@usda.gov to pick up supplies locally (Fargo, ND).