Korie DeBardlabon

Korie is a undergraduate in Dr. Kendra Greenlee’s lab as well as a USDA-ARS Pathways intern. Korie is currently working on the thermal tolerance of Megachile rotundata, the alfalfa leafcutting bee. She wants to understand how heat stress during development stages impacts the physiology and survival of the bee. Korie is always looking to learn new techniques, and procedures. Her dream project would be to use her latest knowledge on gassing, and dissections and incorporate them into future experiment.

Kori realized she wanted to be a scientist after working with Dr. Meg Bennett. Dr. Bennett was a founding member of the ICE group and graduated from NDSU in Dec. 2017. Kori worked with Dr. Bennett for two years and through her mentorship realized that she wanted to continue doing research. The best advice Korie has received is the importance of work life balance, and how to build networks outside the lab. If Korie wasn’t going to be a scientist she would be a pilot. Korie loves to learn and will be the first person to ask you questions about your work. We love having her in the lab and cannot wait to see what she does next.

Written by Elisabeth Wilson

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