Sarah Signor

Dr. Sarah Signor is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at North Dakota State University. Her expertise is in evolutionary genetics of Drosophila (fruit flies). Her lab integrates diverse methods to understand how gene expression evolves in heterogeneous environments and how organisms evolve in response to increasingly human modified landscapes. Dr. Signor’s favorite aspect of her job is the freedom to ask any question and try to answer it. One year Dr. Signor made Christmas tree ornaments for all of her students out of flies using red and green fly food. When the flies eat the food, their bellies turn red or green! Some of the best advise Sarah has received thus far is quite simple: look at your data.

Sarah knew she wanted to be a scientist in college after she completed a course on the Amazon rainforest. However, if this gig as a scientist doesn’t pan out, she’ll pursue her second dream to become an Attorney. Dr. Signor’s dream project is exactly what she is currently working on, setting up her lab at NDSU. In her spare time she likes to read science fiction but struggles when the story uses bad science….it makes her really mad!

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