Claire Campion

Claire Campion is an undergraduate researcher in the Bowsher lab at North Dakota State University. Her expertise is Apis mellifera, honeybees! Like any honeybee researcher, Claire has had to try and capture escaped honeybees, while also running away in fear of being stung. Learning more about the colonies over the last year has helped Claire feel more comfortable and now working in the field and maintaining the hives are her favorite duties.

Inside the lab, Claire enjoys learning new techniques and forming protocols. She is currently working on studying the impacts of neonicotinoids on honeybee navigation and genotoxicity. In the future, Claire would be happy with any project where she gets to help troubleshoot impacts of colony collapse disorder. If she hadn’t gotten hooked on research, Claire would be a ranger in one of our National Parks and one day plans to visit every single National Park! We love having Claire in the lab and cannot wait to see the results of her research.

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