Preetpal Singh

Preetpal Singh is a Graduate Student at North Dakota State University. He grew up ina small village located in southwest Punjaband came to the United States to attend NDSU and further his academic career. He is currently working on the effects of temperature,photoperiod and maternal effects on diapause in alfalfa leafcutting bees. He is hoping to add additional components to his research that will involve bioinformatics or transcriptomics in the near future. His research is mainly focused on bee diapause but PreetpalSingh loves the fact that his research also looks at climate change and its possible effects on bee populations. His dream project is working with bees, pesticides and climate change. He is curious about the abiotic factors that pose significant threats to pollinators. PreetpalSingh brings a wide range of expertise to his graduate work in the fields of Agricultural Entomology, Plant Pathology, Agronomy, Horticulture and Agricultural Extension Education.

While growing up in the village of Bhupal Kalan, PreetpalSingh was inspired by Dr. Gurdeep Singh and wanted to become a professor. However, while studying at Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) he learned about legendary scientists and decided to pursue not only his dream to become a professor but also a scientist. PreetpalSingh was raised in a farming community and always knew that farming and cultivating the land in his village was an option for his future. If he hadn’t been inspired by Professor Singh and other scientists while at university, he would most likely be farming the land in his village. The best advise PreetpalSingh has received from a trusted mentor is that he doesn’t need to be overly intelligent to accomplish his goals or tasks required in his career. But the two things that do matter are hard work and passion. Preetpal Singh was reminded that these two things will ultimately make you the best in your field. PreetpalSingh loves warm sunny days and does not like the frigid temperatures of winter. He finds it amusing that he now lives in an area that is famous for its very harsh winters!

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