George Boateng-Sarfo

George Boateng-Sarfo is a Graduate Research Assistant at North Dakota State University.  In the past, George has worked as a Biomedical Research Scientist at the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research and the US Naval Medical Research Unit-3, Ghana Detachment. As a member of the Next-Generation Sequencing core team, he worked on identifying pathogens that cause Acute Febrile Illness and Next Generation Sequencing of numerous infectious diseases including Covid-19 and multidrug resistance bacteria like MRSA and Neisseria gonorrhea. George is currently working on RNASeq and Differential gene analysis of Bombus impatiens in the Signor lab at NDSU.  George specializes in the use of Python, Linux, and R for multi-omic data analyses. 

George knew he wanted to be a scientist at a very early age.  His favorite part about science is the opportunity to meet new people and getting the opportunity to traveling.  His dream project is developing computer software for sequence analysis and genomic surveillance.   

George was encouraged by a mentor to dare to dream and be confident.  He is multilingual, speaking 9 different languages, and loves all kinds of music.  If George hadn’t decided to pursue his love for science, he would be a soccer player or a musician.  

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