Madison Floden

Madison Floden is a M.S. Biology student at North Dakota State University.  Her expertise includes Megachile rotundata in vitro rearing and treatments, Micro-cell DSC, Glycerol assays, Triglyceride assays, and Microelectrodes.  Madison is currently finishing research on Megachile rotundata and preparing to transition to the sugar beet root maggot and microelectrode ion research pre and post freezing.  Once Madison completes her master’s degree, she would like to continue working in research, she is interested in cryobiology and is looking forward to working with other types of insects.

Madison recalls wanting to pursue a career as a scientist during middle school.  Prior to middle school, she was always interested in becoming a veterinarian. removed sentence here​.  Her pursuit of science led her to the Department of Biology at NDSU.  She loves the fact that everyday something is different about her work.  She enjoys the challenge to adjust what she is working on if something new presents itself.  Madison says, ‘It’s like following a trail, so to speak.’

…you should have a timeline for your research, but you can’t rush science.  If you rush, something will go wrong.

Over the course of her academic career, Madison has had the opportunity to learn from many mentors in her field.  The best advise she’s received is that you should have a timeline for your research, but you can’t rush science.  If you rush, something will go wrong.  Madison’s most noteworthy mishap was when her removed some text first set of glycerol assays didn’t go as planned. She learned that the enzyme was particularly light sensitive and was unusable after just three uses.  She now pipettes anything light sensitive with the lights off.

If Madison hadn’t pursued her love of science,  she would be teaching kids how to work with horses or running her own bakery. She loves baking and rarely makes the same thing twice. Madison is popular in the lab because she occasionally brings in treats, and they often disappear by lunch.  The most recent example: blueberry scones…gone in a matter of minutes.

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