Poster Presented by Matthew Tryc

Click here to view and listen to Matthew’s Slides & narration (Click: Slide show — Play from Start)

Pollinators in the Chihuahuan Desert: Broadening Our Understanding

Matthew Tryc is a Master’s student at New Mexico State University. He presented this poster at the Research and Creativity Week hosted by NMSU (11/2020). Matthew has several additional sampling dates worth of specimens to pin and sort, which will be followed by identifying the less obvious specimens to genera and species when possible. He has found a large number of bees from groups that have notably cryptic species so the identifications will continue into the Spring of 2021. As he gets more detail into the data set, the project will increasingly move toward an analytical phase relating his captures to sampling date, vegetation conditions, and short-term climate conditions.

Presenting Author: Matthew Tryc

Co-Authors: Scott Ferrenberg

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